The Tribades of the Road


The Tribades of the Road

80 pages colour.



The Tribades of the Road

Malvin, the conceited dredger, probably would not have open his car to Jennifer, this beautiful hitchhiker who does not like men and thinks only take advantage of him. But above all, he would not have listened when she asked him to stop to help this other pretty girl, Betty, also hitchhiking on the side of the road.
Both young women will very quickly understand each other, please and love each other for finally deciding to abuse the male who has had the misfortune to be between them. Impressed by the both tribades, the male will be easy to train to their whims. But the bid is not going fast enough for their taste and decide to entrust a professional mistress who will fix him, according to their Lesbians’needs.
A sapphic love story coupled with the rapid degeneration of a male who also, but otherwise, find happiness on the road.

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